About Me!!!

Hello and Welcome to my corner of the web!!!!!

I'm DJ(Deana) and I am a 34 year old, mother of one.  I have a 6 year old son, Quinn, who has autism.  I have been dating a wonderful man for over 5 year and he has 2 lovely children.  

I am a LOVER of vampires, witches and the things that go bump in the night!! There is nothing better than that great paranormal/urban fantasy book that you just want to read from beginning to end. I am on the never ending search for books, that make me what to run and tell my friend that need to read ______!!!

Besides reading, I love to cook, shoot pool, listen to music, hang out with good friend, beading, photography, crocheting and general crafting.  I am a lover of tattoos and have many.  I love to hear stories of peoples tattoos!!  

I am new to the blogging world, but I hope to make new friends in the book world. I used to review books on a forum board group and sadly the group fell apart.  I  miss sharing my love for books and spreading the word so I start this blog to continue on!!

I love meeting new people, so please say hello, or chat me up about some great reads.


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  1. Hi there! Saw your post on Goodreads. :) I don't have any tattoos but I've designed some and kicked around my own tattoo ideas for awhile.
    I can't decide what to get and I keep making excuses ;)

    Anywho, reader and writer of UF and PNR. Good luck on your site. I'll add to my favs and pop in ever so often.

    ~Darcy Town