Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Blog!!

It was about 2 years ago that I realized that it had been before my son was born that I had sit down and read a good book. My son(4 at the time) has Autism. He demands a lot of my time and it got hard to do me things.  As he becomes accustom to his retinue, it gave me back my me time.  READING TIME!!!  So I get on the web and start looking for some titles.  I got my list of books titles together that I thought I might like and went to the book store.
That was over 200 books ago.  I now have a strong love for urban fantasy and paranormal romance writers. 

Most of my days are changeling and reading has allowed me to escape from my world for an hour or two a night. 
This is my thanks to all the wonderful authors that have made me smile or laugh.  Have given me my light in the dark!!

I have started this blog to share my passion books and find others that enjoying this as much as I do. 
Happy Blogging and Reading!!!


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